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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  I can't seem to login!

Are you sure you have a membership with us?  It could be that you are signed up to our newsletter (daily or weekly) but you have never created an account with us.  To check this, head over to our forgotten password page and request your password.  If it tells you we can't find an account, then you don't have an account so head to our shop, choose the subscription level and it will take you through the full process of creating a membership and account.

2.  I have the right email address and password but I still can't log in.  

Sounds like you might have the wrong password.  Reset your password here and then try again.  If still no luck contact us at support@elephantjournal.com and we can manually reset your password for you.

3. It says my email address is already registered but I don't remember creating an account.

Unless we secretly created accounts for random email addresses found on the internet (we didn't) then from the error message given you definitely created an account with us.  Head over to our forgotten password page and get a reset of your password.  If you know the password you would have used, you can log in to the website here, or if you need to pay for an account or want to buy something in our shop, head straight to the shop login page.

4. Yikes!  You've taken 2 payments out of my account in the last 10 days!

There are a couple of solutions to this. The most common answer to this is that you bought your subscription 10 days ago and didn't realise we give a 10 day free trial to all new members.  You don't actually pay on day one so you have a chance to cancel the subscription before payment is taken and thus you'd never pay a penny. If you paid by PayPal check your account now.  It will most likely show that you have only paid once.

If this is not the case and a double payment has gone through there could be a few reasons, but all of which will lead to the simple answer of contact us at support@elephantjournal.com and we will help tidy up whatever mistakes have been made.

5. Oi!  I made my payment but my account isn't working!

Some accounts made never had the correct information inserted into the payment.  When PayPal (who we use to process credit cards as well) tell us you've paid, the information doesn't always link up.  This was our mistake so please contact us and we will happily help out further.  It would be extremely useful to have any receipts to help us further.

6. I no longer wish to receive your newsletter.

At the bottom of each newsletter is a link to unsubscribe.  The newsletter is not attached to a member account and is handled by a third pary. The only way to cancel is to use the unsubribe link at the bottom of each email.

7. Never send me an email about anything every again.

Firstly make sure you have followed step 5.  Once completed and you want all your information removed from our database, and you don't have a current subscription, you'd be more than welcome to contact us at support@elephantjournal.com and we will help you out.

8. Please make sure my subscription does not renew.

If you log in to your account and go to the subscription information tab there will be a large cancellation button available to you.  If it is not there, then your account won't renew.  If it is not there but you just want to triple check cause you are like me and don't trust anyone (I don't trust anything!) then you can contact us to double check for you.  You'll have to be very nice though.

If you paid via PayPal you can always checking your recurring subscription dashboard which will tell you if it will renew. This is much faster and you don't even have to be nice to anyone.  It is also quite an eye opener to see all the open authorisations/authorizations on your account that you don't know about.

If you paid by Credit Card, and not via a PayPal account, please contact us at support@elephantjournal.com.

9. I forgot to cancel my account and want a refund.

If you forgot to cancel before the 10 day free trial ended, we can cancel the recurring part of the subcription but we cannot refund the subscription fee. We give you 10 days to try the site for free and also we give you 3 articles free every single day.  So you have had ample opportunity to assess the site without paying. Although if it was a completely honest mistake, and you know we will know if you are being honest or not, we will refund the subscription but we reserve the right to reduce the amount refunded by the amount PayPal charge us to refund and a small admin fee - $3 in total.

If you want a refund for a renewed subscription then this is possible.  We would have sent you an email 30 days and 15 days before your subscription expired.  The company we use, Mandrill, tracks email opens and clicks so we will know if you read it.  If you have, and you were still late to cancel the subscription, then we will still cancel and refund but we reserve the right to reduce the amount refunded by the amount PayPal charge us to refund and a small admin fee - $3 in total.

If you never received the email, please check your spam box first, and if it is still not there let us know.  Again we will know if it arrived or not via our email sending company Mandrill - all email companies send a received receipt back to them.  If we know it has not arrived we will refund the entire fee, no reduction for admin as it was not your fault.  But also note, we know if you regularly log in and use the site.  Sorry for being hard, but we cannot refund for just any old reason.

After all that, we are still human, and fully understand that circumstances are different for everyone.  Please contact us at support@elephantjournal.com if you feel your situation is different.  We will try to be as accomodating as we can.

10. Argh!  I read all that and I still need help.

Please contact us at support@elephantjournal.com and we can help you further.

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